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Fytostar Haar & Nagels Caps 45



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With biotin, selenium, copper and zinc, helping as a support for healthy hair selenium & zinc contribute also to the nails

With: Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat, stinging nettle, Alfalfa & Lecithin

Fytostar Hair & Nails is a nutri-complex with biotin, copper, selenium and zinc that help as a support for healthy hair. The copper also plays a role in the maintenance of connective tissue, normal, which gives support to hair and nails. Selenium and zinc contribute more to the nails healthy. This nutritional complex is supplemented by algae higher; spirulina and chlorella and extracts of plants; Alfalfa, Wheat, stinging nettle and Lecithin.

Take 2 capsules per day with water.

By 2 capsules: AR*
Alfalfa-Alfalfa 150 mg
Lecithin 108 mg
Wheat 100 mg
Stinging nettle 250 mg
Spirulina-algae 40 mg
Chlorella algae 20 mg
Biotin 150 µg 300%
Copper 1.5 mg 150%
Selenium 82,5 mcg 150%
Zinc 15 mg 150%
*AR: Dietary Reference
Urtica dioica (Great nettle, herb), capsule: Gelatin, Medicago sativa (Alfalfa, grass), Lecithine, Extracts of Triticum aestivum (bread Wheat), Methionine selenium, Sulfate, zinc, Spirulina (Algae), Chlorella (Algae), Gluconate of copper, sunflower Oil, Biotin.

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