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Lamberts Colladeen Dubbele Sterkte Tabl 60



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Colladeen is still the formula of proanthocyanins is the most powerful available, providing 160mg of anthocyanidins (from extracts of grapeseed and bilberries) per tablet. The anthocyanidins are a family of fascinating compounds in the fruit to be dark-skinned, berries, and even l?pine bark. The scientists who study these plant compounds individuals have focused their work on the role that they play in maintaining the health of collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is the protein that forms fibers, connective tissues in tissues such as the skin, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and capillaries. When collagen is damaged (by free radicals, sunlight etc) tissues can lose their strength and elasticity. The health of collagen is highly dependent on nutrients from our diet, such as vitamin C, and research indicates that anthocyanidins play an active role in the protection of the collagen the?body. This is why, in both our products Colladeen, we used a level of anthocyanidins that reflects this research. Many health problems can result from a collagen compromised or weakened, including worn out joints, bruising easily and fluid retention non-medical result of capillary walls \"leaky\". So, knowing that the substances contained in Maximum Strength Colladeen helps to build and restore collagen, are a valuable supplement to many diets supplements. In addition, vitamin C also promotes the normal functioning of blood vessels, cartilage and skin.

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