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Ostenil Tendon Voorgevulde Spuit 2ml



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Viscoelastic Solution for injection péritendineuse or injection into the synovial sheath tendon :
Pre-filled syringe of 40 mg/2 ml in sterile packaging, box unit. Sterilized by moist heat.
Pain and limitation of mobility in cases of affections of the tendons.
Inject Ostenil Tendon around the tendon reaches or in the synovial sheath tendon reached once per week, for a total of 2 injections. Several tendons can be treated at the same time. Repeat treatments are possible if necessary. The content and the external surface of the prefilled syringe Ostenil Tendon remain sterile as sterile packaging remains intact. Remove the prefilled syringe from the sterile pack, unscrew the closing cap Luer-Lok syringe, attach a needle to be appropriate (for example 25 to 27 G) and ensure its proper mounting by turning slightly. Before injection, be sure to remove the syringe any air bubbles possibly present. /div>
Solid Structure made of fibrous connective tissue, a tendon provides the transmission of force from muscles to bones and stress resistance during muscle contraction. Tendons may be surrounded by different structures : for example, retinacula, sheaths, synovial tendon, péritendon, bursa. Excessive stress or a stress biomechanics inappropriate can cause inflammation and/or degenerative alterations of the tendons, causing pain and functional loss. Lubricating the tendon could reduce pain, improve function of the tendon and reduce the possibility of the occurrence of adhesions. Thanks to its lubricating properties and viscoelastic, Ostenil Tendon promotes the ability of sliding of the tendons as well as the regeneration process of the physiological. In addition, due to its macromolecular structure, Ostenil Tendon reduces the free passage of cells and molecules that promote inflammation in the synovial sheath tendon. Ostenil Tendon is a transparent solution in a base of sodium hyaluronate a natural, highly purified, produced by fermentation and containing no animal protein. Ostenil Tendon also contains mannitol, a free radical scavenger, that helps to stabilise the chains of sodium hyaluronate. Studies of biocompatibility have shown that Ostenil Tendon was particularly well tolerated
Sodium Hyaluronate* 20 mg - Excipients : sodium chloride, monosodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, mannitol, water ppi.

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