List of products by brand ARKOPHARMA

Plant benefits for your health

Arkopharma reconnects you with nature! Precursor in using plants in pharmacy since the beginning of the Eighties, the laboratory could modernize and make recognize phytotherapy. In 1986, the first Arkopharma products containing plant are allowed like authentic medications, authorized by the French Ministry for Health!

Giant of phytotherapy and food supplements, Arkopharma developed mainly 6 sectors of products:

Arko Essentiel, a range of pure and natural essential oils at very accessible prices; Arko Fluides, dietary supplements or powders to improve your blood circulation, to take care of your beauty, of your articulations, to establish a thinness or détox mode or to deal with urinary genes; Arko Gelules, food supplements in capsules 100% vegetable; Arko Royal is a product range in direct source of the hive, pastilles, syrups, honey of royal jelly, spray with propolis; or Plante System, cosmetic products for natural skin care. And still more Arkopharma products!