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Uriage Isophy Hygiène et Soin du Nez et des Yeux 18 x 5 ml


Evacue phlegm without drying.
Moistens and hydrates the mucous membranes.

Soothes, cleanses 100% Thermal Water of Uriage : soothing, rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements.

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Made of 100% Thermal Water of Uriage, exceptionally rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements, Isophy is perfect for the care and cleaning of the nasal cavity or eyes. This medical device is a product of health regulated that door, under this regulation, the CE marking.


In nasal use, Isophy helps to drain the mucus, clear the nose and improve the nasal mucous membranes without drying it out. In use eye, Isophy (single-dose sterile) cleans and removes impurities gently.

Daily hygiene of the nose and eyes reduces allergens and soothes mucous membranes.

The presence of trace elements renforçent the body's natural defenses especially during episodes of allergic or infectious.

100% Thermal Water of Uriage. All the benefits of the Thermal Water of Uriage daily.

Isophy is used every day and especially during episodes of allergic or infectious. Read the instructions carefully before any use.
Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Isophy Single-Dose :

  • For the nose : 1-2 pressure on the pod in each nostril to renew during the day as needed.
  • For the eyes : soak a sterile compress of Isophy pod and clean the eye starting from the inner corner (next to nose) towards the external (side temple). Do not iron on the eye with the gauze becomes soiled. Change the compresses to the care of the other eye. Renew as often as necessary.
  • Do not inject. Use unique and individual, do not use the same a single dose to the nose and eyes. Do not store after opening, due to the risk of contamination. Do not use in case of pods damaged.

100% Thermal Water of Uriage, naturally rich in Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Calcium.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Without conservative
  • Fragrance-free

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