Somatoline Cosmetic Traitement Amincissant Drainant Jambes 200 ml

Somatoline Cosmetic

Up to 1.6 cm less from 2 weeks. Drains excess water from the legs. Standardises the appearance of the skin.

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  • promotes lipolysis and reduces fatty deposits in the legs
  • reactivates the cutaneous microcirculation which promotes the draining of excess fluid
  • provides an immediate sensation of lightness
  • redraw the legs.
  • for women who have fat deposits with water retention at the level of the thighs, knees, calves and ankles;
  • the women at the silhouette \" gynoïde \", in which the fat is located mainly in the lower half of the body.

A clinical study of instrumental placebo-controlled study was conducted on 50 women with fat deposits moderate and superficial, accompanied by water retention and localized at the level of the legs. The clinical evaluations, instrumental have demonstrated that the correct application and regular cream, by using massage appropriate, produces the following effects after 2 weeks of treatment :

  • loss of centimeters :
    • up at-1.6 cm for the thigh circumference (average value obtained on 17 women out of 50). The average obtained for the whole panel : -1,2 cm;
    • up to-1.1 cm for the turn of an ankle (average value obtained on 17 women out of 50). The average obtained for the whole panel : -0,7 cm;
  • drainage* excess water at the level of the thighs, knees, calves and ankles ;
  • immediate reduction of the skin temperature, of the order of 1.9 °C (average), that continues for 10 minutes after application.

Apply it twice a day for 2 weeks. Use the gel regularly for 2 extra weeks in order to maximize its slimming action and drainage. Thanks to its fresh texture, long duration of action, the product provides an immediate feeling of lightness. Non-greasy. You can dress immediately after application.

The gel contains the complex Crio Dren a complex multifunction innovative which combines the properties slimming effect of caffeine to the ingredients, draining the most active, as escine and an extract of small holly trees. Enriched with natural ingredients such as peppermint extract and menthol, it produces a glazed effect immediate and long-term, while its properties smoothing, makes the skin soft, silky and uniform.

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