Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite Huile Sérum 125 ml

Somatoline Cosmetic


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The new Oil-Serum-anti-cellulite-Intensive After the Shower is the first treatment of Somatoline Cosmetic which exploits the susceptibility of the skin after the shower to combat extensively cellulite in 4 weeks. The heat of the shower promotes opening of the pores of the skin, making it more receptive to active ingredients and facilitate their absorption.
Made from edge assets, it reduces the signs of cellulite, moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin in a single application per day. Its non-oily texture with pleasant scent does not stick, and apply quickly on the skin is still wet out of the shower.
Format available : airless pump Bottle 125 ml
It is advisable
women affected by cellulite encrusted (cellulite and orange peel skin particularly marked, visible to the naked eye) in search of a product a dual action, acting both on the signs of cellulite and the elasticity of the skin ;
for women who are looking for a oil anti-cellulite effective, results clinically proven.

attack the fat deposits through a process of multi-actions, which promotes the mobilisation of fat and slows down their formation ;
reactivates the microcirculation and decongest the skin tissue of liquid excess ;
compacting and firming up skin tissues, for a skin more elastic and more tonic.

Active principles
Somatoline Cosmetic Oil-Serum Intensive After the Shower contains the PhytoActiveOil-complex, a concentrate of active ingredients enriched with :
extract of pistachio trees in the mediterranean, micro-alga unicellular, pink pepper and Symfit to combat cellulite and firm the skin ;
31 essential oils (sweet orange, grapefruit rind, juniper, thyme...) to the strong anti-cellulite and firming ;
Vegetable oils (sweet almond, jojoba and argan) that moisturize intensely

Apply 1 time per day, preferably after shower on a damp skin, for 4 weeks. Apply on areas prone to cellulite.
Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not apply on the face or on the soles of the feet (risk of slipping).

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