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Calorilight mini caps 30Capsules

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Captures the fats that are in our food;
Two dietary fibre plant (fibre soluble/insoluble), which ensures that absorption capacity is extremely high - the fibers form a paste, gel-like swelling;
Efficacy proven in vitro: absorption 9.60 g of oil per 1 g of fiber;
Slowing down the digestion of the food;
1 capsule (in mg) contains fibers of cocoa (160), and fibre-orange (160);
Increases the feeling of satiety;
Decreases the feeling of hunger (appetite suppressant);
Contributes to a better regulation of the appetite;
Contains pectin;
Slows the absorption of sugars;
Decrease in glucose levels after meals;
Reduces fat storage.

Fibre of cocoa 160 mg, fiber oranges 160 mg.
50% fat-in-less* and effective action demonstrated in relation to the collection of fat: 2 capsules = 50% fat or less.
Product positively received by consumers**: satisfaction rate: 90 %.
* in 30 g of foie gras or 42 g fresh cream. Study to verify the effectiveness rate of the intake of fats I. P. I. B. CL09/2003 and CL 03/04.
** group of 276 people in 2005-2006

Take 2 capsules during the meal that you want to \"alleviate\" (1, 2 or 3 times per day). Depending on the overweight of the person in question and of the calorie content of the meals provided, it is possible to take up to 4 capsules at one time. You can use CaloriLight without interruption. Available in the form of miniblister (and, therefore, practical and easy to take with you wherever you go!).

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