List of products by brand Forté Pharma

Preserve your wellness thanks to food supplements

The pharmaceutical laboratory Forté Pharma is a leader in food supplements! Through its 4 universes; Slimming, Energy, Beauty and Health, Forté Pharma propose you a panoply of supplements and medicines containing plants for your wellness.

The star ranges of Forté Pharma

To keep or find the line, Calorilight with actives of natural origin, in order to absorb a part of greases and sugars during a meal; 100% Lipo contributes to a better metabolism. For your energy, Vitality 4G with ginseng, ginger and with royal jelly for an invigorating effect, reducing tiredness. At the health level, Chondralgic to reinforce the articulations or, Royal Jelly to give a boost to your body. Finally for your beauty, discover targeted products for your skin, to keep beautiful hair or to have a natural tanning.