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Somatoline Cosmetic


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Research Somatoline Cosmetic is born the Treatment Slimming 50 More, specially formulated to act on fatty deposits resistant, typical of mature women. Its formula contains the exclusive complex SlimageAdvance-complex, rich in active ingredients slimming action liporéductrice, reduces fatty deposits in just 2 weeks and combat the signs of skin aging to restore elasticity.
Available sizes : tubes of 150 ml and 250 ml
It is advisable
Mature women or post-menopausal to research a product slimming effective with a specific action ;
Mature women with fat deposits localized in different parts of the body, mainly the belly and the hips.

Thanks to the SlimageAdvance-complex based on active slimming and enriched with a seaweed extract coral for a triple action liporéductrice, this formula is even more concentrated
promotes the reduction of fat deposits typical of the mature women, especially localized at the level of the waist and hips ;
combat the signs of aging skin and improves the density and elasticity of the skin ;
intensely nourishes to leave skin smooth and soft.
Active principles
The SlimageAdvance-complex is a blend of innovative and exclusive active slimming able to act on fatty deposits due to skin aging and menopause :
Extract of Jania Rubens : increases the lipolytic activity
Caffeine : stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids
Extract of lotus marine : protects the fat cells in oxidative stress to a \"booster effect\" on the lipolysis
Molecule transport : increases the absorption of active lipolytic and improves their action.

Apply once a day for 2 weeks, a generous layer of product on the stomach and hips, massaging with circular movements until complete absorption of the product.
The continued use of the product for 4 weeks to help maintain the results obtained. After a few minutes of massage, you can feel a sensation of heat and/or cold, possibly accompanied by a slight stinging and a possible appearance of redness temporary. The appearance and intensity of these possible reactions, which usually disappear after 30 minutes, depending on the individual sensitivity and are the signs of the cosmetic action of the product. These phenomena are transient and should not be confused with a reaction intolerance

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