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Forté Pharma XTRASLIM 700

Forté Pharma
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2 capsules XtraSlim 700 twice a day, to be taken during the two main meals.
Program of 1 month, to renew.

XtraSlim 700 offers a formula of 8 assets which act in synergy for an effective extra !
4 extracts of plants, chosen for their slimming action :
- The Liposlim, a combination of turmeric and wakame : the wakame helps burn fat, reduce appetite and control their weight.
- The black currant, which drains the body and thus facilitates weight loss.
- The konjac, known for its dietary benefits.
+ 4 nutrients complementary , acting on the metabolism of lipids,
carbohydrates and proteins :
- Choline, an essential nutrient that works in synergy with the vitamins of the
group B. The choline contributes to a lipid metabolism to normal.
- Chromium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose.
- Vitamin B6 that promotes the metabolism of proteins and also helps
to reduce the fatigue.
- Vitamin B1 which allows a good balance of the nervous system, and a
energy metabolism normal .

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