Somatoline Cosmetic Amincissant 7 Nuits Gel 400ml

Somatoline Cosmetic


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The Slimming 7 nights Ultra intensive offers the maximum effectiveness slimming Somatoline Cosmetic, with first visible results in just 7 nights.

Its exclusive formula and iconic, highly concentrated in specific active ingredients offers a triple-action slimming (lipolytic, draining and anti-storage efficiency for slimming in just 7 nights. Clinical tests demonstrate. In 100% of cases tested.

It is advisable

  • for women with localized fat in search of an intensive treatment, for results lightning ;
  • the women in the sedentary life-style that want a slimming cure attack ;
  • for women looking for an efficiency guarantee.

Usage tips

Apply the product every night for at least 7 days, massaging with circular movements from bottom to top until complete absorption of the cream. For maximum results, continue to use the product for 4 weeks. The treatment can be repeated several times throughout the year.

After a few minutes of massage, you may feel a sensation of warmth, possibly accompanied by a slight stinging and a possible appearance of redness temporary. The appearance and intensity of these possible reactions, which disappear completely after 30 minutes - may differ according to the sensitivities of each single person and are the signs of a cosmetic product's innovative. These phenomena are transient and should not be confused with a reaction intolerance to the product. If redness excessive, wash thoroughly with cold water. Wash hands thoroughly after application.


  • the action lipolytic promotes the reduction of fat deposits ;
  • the draining action promotes the elimination of liquids in excess ;
  • the anti-storage prevents the formation of new fat deposits.

Active principles

Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming 7 nights Ultra intensive contains the PhytoSlim7-complex, an exclusive complex of natural active ingredients in a base of sea salts, of a mixture of brown algae, pink pepper, caffeine and marine algae to the anti-storage, which acts as a shield at the level of the adipocyte, to limit the absorption of fats and sugars.

Its formula is also rich in shea butter and white clay from Amazonia, which forms a film on the surface of the skin for an effect \" cocoon \". Finally, the ethyl-nicotate (effect rubefacient) promotes microcirculation and enhances the effectiveness of active slimming.

Resulting from advanced research, this innovative complex is the night, when the tissues at rest are more receptive to the active substances. Lipolysis is then also easier to activate, and the drainage of liquids in excess, favoured by the horizontal position.

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