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Forté Pharma Energie Vitalité 4G 23 Ampoules + 7 Ampoules Gratuites

Forté Pharma


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Panax ginseng Meyer 2000 mg royal jelly 200 mg, ginger 600 mg, guarana/guarane 700 mg, acerola 240 mg, extract of Shii Take aqueous, vitamins B3 and B5, amniotic fluid olive.
Stimulation of physical activities and intellectual;
Intake of 20 mg of ginsenosides, that is to say, the recommended daily allowance (RDA);
Protection and defence of the human body;
The best natural remedy for invigorating and revitalizing;
Rich in minerals and trace elements;
Increases the tone and strength of the body;
Features aphrodisiacs recognized (stimulates the impulses libidineuses; activation of the libido);
Stimulant rich in caffeine;
Effectively fights fatigue;
Improved endurance;
Acts synergistically with other substances against the fatigue;
Rich in vitamin C.
Benefits of the nutritional supplement, VITALITY 4G®:
The formula is the most complete and best proportioned;
Contains royal jelly;
Pleasant to take (great taste of honey and orange);
Phyto-Metal® = better assimilation/absorption and protection of the product VITALITY 4G®;
Concentrated energy (for more energy).

1 bulb (pure or diluted). To be taken in the morning.
In case of product dilution: dilute Vitality 4G® in a little water or a little fruit juice.
For immediate results: a light bulb just before the effort. For sustainable results: one ampoule every morning for at least 20 days.

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