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Expert Keratine Caps 120 2+1 Gratuit

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Natural keratin soluble, bioactive and highly bioavailable + complex of vitamins and specific minerals. Expert Keratin restores strength and beauty to your hair. Its exclusive formula acts in two time to help : to Give the material to the hair due to the keratin: Main component of the hair, the keratin represents 95% of the hair fiber. Its work is complemented and optimised by means of a contribution in arginine and zinc, which is another element constituting the internal structure of the hair(1).

Enhance the hair : The keratin comes to tighten the scales on the surface of the hair thus giving it a more smooth and shiny. Associated with vitamins B6(3) and B8(1), the copper preserves the color of the hair(2) and giving it back its natural glow. Your hair retain their natural vigour, and are bursting with health.

(1) zinc, selenium and vitamin B8 contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. (2) The copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation. ?(3) vitamin B6 contributes to the synthesis of a normal cysteine.

Dietary supplement for hair fall intensive and the external aggressions of the hair.

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule the evening during meals with a glass of water (200ml).> After a holiday in the sun, at each change of season, provide a program of 20 days of Expert Keratin followed by a maintenance with Expert Hair.

For hair abused, dried (colors, smoothness, pregnancy), a 2-month Expert Keratin is recommended.


INGREDIENTS (mg per daily dose) : powder of keratin soluble (Cynatine®) may contain sulphites (500), agents of load (corn starch, silicon dioxide), capsule shell [gelatin, colorants (titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide)], L-arginine (60), zinc citrate, vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), premix copper (hydrolyzed rice protein, copper sulfate), anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), premix selenium (hydrolyzed rice protein, sodium selenite), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), sodium molybdate, vitamin B8 (D-biotin).

Niacin (vit. PP) : 16 mg Vitamin B 6 : 1,4 mgBiotine (vit. B8) : 50 µgZinc: 10 mgCuivre: 1 mgSélénium: 50 µgMolybène : 50 µg

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