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Ledon Groenland Ess Olie 5ml Pranarom



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The lédon Greenland provides an essential oil rare, precious and fabulous. The effectiveness is matched only by its high price. In the most serious situations, it will always remain a remedy for saving its profile is both simple and complex, far beyond any interpretation of biochemical reasoned. The therapist who has experienced it knows all the value. An essential oil with a very great potential in the future. This plant, little-used because little-known and rare, offers the therapeutic properties to be very effective.
Tips & Tricks:
Protect and activate the metabolism of the liver : swallow 2 drops HECT Lédon in the morning in a ball of bread crumb during 21 days. Has to do in the spring and fall.

Massage a few drops diluted in a vegetable oil for local application.
Oral: +++
Dermal: ++
Aerial distribution: -
Inhalation aerosol: -
+++++ = highly recommended – (!) use with caution

•?Keep out of reach of young children. •?Caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. •?Keep away from any source of heat and light. • EXTERNAL USE

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