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Myrrhe Hle Ess5ml Pranarom



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The myrrh, commiphora molmol, is a in-con-tour-na-ble for psoriasis in aromatherapy. Its biochemical composition complex does not explain it really, but the ethnopharmacie of its regenerative power great on skin damaged by psoriasis or eczema.
It is sometimes recommended only in combination with frankincense or nard.
The essential oil of myrrh is a oléorésineuse, which means that it is sometimes \"strong\" and that it should be warmed up between the hands to be able to take it in drops. My advice : you can immerse the bottle in a small bain-marie of hot water before use to liquefy it.
It is so smooth and mixes very easily with vegetable oils and shea butter which also gives good result on the scales the dry psoriasis of the elbows or legs.

Myrrh essential oil 100% pure and natural.

HECT Myrrh : 1 drop

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