Petit Grain Mandarine Hle Ess5ml Pranarom



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the essential oil of petitgrain mandarin is alive and well !
And what says the expert ? You may know that the essence of tangerine is the only essence of citrus fruits that has a relaxing effect.
This is due to the presence even in traces of molecules which are very special, esters and nitrated (such as, for example, the methylanthranylate methyl).
These esters have the same characteristics as the esters of the aromatic classic, know to be relaxing and soothing (like in esters, lavender or chamomile).

Petit Grain Tangerine is an essential oil 100% pure and natural.

And well, where the essence of tangerine contains at most 1% of these so-called esters, essential oil of petitgrain mandarin contains not less than 40% ... Aaaaah ... I see you coming, with your desires to replace one by the other.
This is certainly possible, but where you use 2 drops of gasoline, you will need to consider only a fraction of a drop of oil petitgrain mandarin.
The smell and the taste are also very different : they are not all bad, but they do not have the roundness and the softness of a beautiful essence of green mandarin BIO ...
That said, it does not remain about it less than you need to discover this essential oil if you want to sleep better, to relax, to better manage your stress passengers or to release you from your anxieties, or your fears.

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