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Citroen Bladess Olie5ml Pranarom



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The essence of lemon, in a few words
Like all citrus fruit, the extract aromatic from péricarpes (zest) of lemons
is called ‘essence’, because it is obtained by mechanical pressing of the zest, and not by distillation
to the water vapor. One can very easily recognize the pockets
gasoline present in the zests of citrus fruits : these are small dark areas,
from which flows a liquid that stings the eyes when one peels lemons or oranges.
This liquid is none other than the essence of aromatic.

The tip
Add to the olive oil or the hazelnut oil a few drops of essence
lemon, accompanied by essential oil of basil, ginger or cumin
(see composition on back page) ! A real treat to accompany your salads,
while stimulating digestion.

Do not massage this gas on the skin in the sun, or just before a session
tanning, because the essence of lemon is photosensitising; think to include it
in a vegetable oil (sweet almond, hazelnut) to facilitate the massage.

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