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Kruidnagel Ess Olie 30ml Pranarom



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- Bacterial and viral Infections respiratory: bronchitis, acute or chronic, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma-like, tb +++
- Tropical diseases: malaria, amoebiasis+++
- Herpes zoster, herpes simplex +++
- Arthritis, rheumatism +++
- Urinary tract Infections and intestinal: fermentation, diarrhea, cystitis +++
- Fungal infections of the skin and parasitic infections +++
- Asthenia intellectual (loss of concentration) and sexual (frigidity, impotence) +++
- Hypotension ++
- Delivery (facilitates (I') +++
- Oral Infections: abscess, canker sores+++

Bio\" Pranarôm are essential oils chémotypées from organic farming.
They are certified organic by Ecocert, an independent organization that internationally recognized.

- Internally: 2 drops H. B. C. T., 3 times per day, in honey, olive oil or on a cane sugar, under the tongue for all infections and to enjoy the tonic action.
- Externally:
2 drops H. E. C. T. + 10 drops H. V. hazelnut, 3 times per day, on the box next to the target organ to be treated.
To calm the pain of teething baby, mix 4 drops of essential oil of cloves, 2 drops of chamomile noble and 10 ml of hazelnut oil. Apply 3 drops of this mixture on the tip of the little finger and massage the baby's gums as needed. The pain will fade quickly

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