Niaouli Melaleuca Quinq Cin. Hle Ess 100ml Pranarom



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Can breathe more
Supports the movement
in case of heavy legs.
Protects and purifies the skin irritated.
Its composition is rich and complex, gives the classic virtues of the oils cinéolées
(breathing easy, support of natural defenses, etc.), but also makes it very useful in
support the movement and to protect the skin irritated by radiation. In two
words, the Cork is really another treasure offered by the jungle malgach.

The tip
Aromatherapy often evokes the notion of ‘synergy’, which
implies that the combination of essential oils of a similar composition or more
effective than a single one of them. One of the best examples is that of the Eucalyptus :
in order to avoid the drying out of the respiratory tract, prefer Eucalyptus globulus a
mix équiproportionnel oils respiratory, such as : Niaouli –
Eucalyptus off - Cajeput – Mandravasarotra (or Ravintsara need to).

The essential oil of Niaouli is generally very well tolerated regardless of the mode
use; like most essential oils, caution in pregnant women
and breast-feeding (please ask your pharmacist, nurse, or health professional).

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